single-family homes

High efficiency uPVC windows from KULU are nothing like you might remember

Suppose you’re remodelling, building a new single-family home or simply replacing your old windows to improve energy efficiency or appeal. In that case, you might be amongst those that still think of vinyl windows as cheap or low quality! Understandable because many early builders tried to undersell standard windows with unconvincing vinyl replicas that leaked air and water, were tricky to open and close, and came in only one colour, boring white. 

Well, it’s a new age with uPVC windows and doors from KULU. Pioneered in energy-sparing Europe and then introduced to America 40 years ago, KULU window and door systems set world-class standards in EFFICIENCY, STRATEGY, LUXURY, EASE OF USE and INNOVATION. When expertise meets German engineering and American ingenuity, it’s what happens, don’t wait. 




A very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets.



GENEO® is composed of RAU-FIPRO®, a proprietary fiber composite material .


Upgrade performance by 35% with improved efficiency

KULU windows and doors deliver up to 35% better energy functioning than typical residential windows. U-values mean a lot in the window world, but what does it mean? A sum of the thermal resistance of all combined layers and with 2-inch glazing, you can bet KULU windows are superior to the competition. 

Climate friendly

Sustainability through superior energy efficiency, KULU windows and doors contribute to your home's longevity and are also more climate-friendly than that wood and alternative materials. In addition, using the most efficient manufacturing process and alternative recyclable materials lower our carbon footprint by 80%.

Good for your bank account and good for the environment

Depending on the size of your house and the number of windows and doors, the money saved each year on heating and cooling with KULU profiles can be significant (try our energy estimator). Builders also report that you can often avoid other, more expensive upgrades to the building envelope by using low u-Value windows. That's good for your bank account and good for the environment.

"KULU windows and doors are a leading choice among advocates for green building practices. Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and meet LEED and Passive House standards."


The windows and doors you choose will convey your inner vision and style. Whether remodelling or building new, express yourself with stylish windows and promote a greener future. Increase curb appeal and property value outside. And compliment interior design and functionality inside. All while saving money on heating and cooling costs.   

KULU combines 60 years of European design excellence with 40 years of American ingenuity to create uPVC window and door systems. The A-list choice for intelligent homeowners and builders. Create a home that reflects your values and looks fantastic.

Choose from multiple configurations, countless shapes, dazzling colors and textured finishes

The KULU experience is like being handed a painter's palette. You have total creative freedom with more than 1,500 design options. Let us know your vision, and we will create it.

Brilliant colour options complement metal or wood finishes

In addition to our primary profile colours, you can choose from a rainbow of exterior and interior finishes. Using advanced foiling technology, we colour match your exact wishes. Natural aluminum finishes replicate your favourite shade of oak or redwood and anything in between.

Custom configurations
and shapes

Offering a full range of window and door configurations, from traditional North American styles such as hung and casement windows and sliding doors to the more modern European types like tilt-turn windows and lift-slide doors. Choose an architectural shape that fits your vision. Creative use of multiple units within one continuous frame makes for stunning views.

Let there be light,
light and more light

Windows and doors help create beautiful spaces. KULU windows are stunning even without window treatments with modern or traditional lines, sleek hardware, and many colour options. Don't feel pressure to cover them up!


Enjoy decades of indoor comfort behind windows and doors that block sound, drafts and moisture

Comfort and security are KULU’s ultimate mission for its advanced window and door structures. With windows and doors that hold their beauty and lustre for years, optimize daylight and keep you safe from the weather. 

Comfort and security are top priorities. With tight, highly insular windows and doors that help maintain steady indoor temperatures and lower energy costs over the years. It means strong, durable windows impervious to moisture, winds and storms, as well as resisting unwelcome intruders. And it means a more peaceful home. See below for how KULU windows and doors deliver the best quality. 

Up to 25% less noise, 60% less air infiltration with cutting-edge KULU windows and doors

Noise Blocker

Urban areas with noise pollution are a thing of the past. Our skillfully engineered, multi-chambered window profiles offer high insulating qualities. Suitable for one to three panes glass. They are blocking up to 45 decibels of outside sound, reducing noise pollution by 80%. Now that is impressive.

Air and water barrier

Utility bills stack up with drafty windows. But mould and water damage are even worse. So switch it up with KULU uPVC frames. Solid and leak-proof. The compression-seal technology integrates the structures and sashes to achieve u-Values down to 0.13. The result is a nearly impregnable barrier against all weather extremes that we know will hold up for decades. Our testing proves it.

Security measure

Keep intruders out and small children safe inside. When combined with appropriate hardware, windows and doors from KULU enhance security. Multiple locking points, fusion-welded corners and reinforced, multi-chambered design.